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Muslim Center of New York 137-58 Geranium Ave Flushing, NY 11355


A moment with Abdul Ghani

Short 5 Minutes talk with Br. Abdul Ghani on various topics from Islamic History. Lessons from Qur’an and sunnah

Weekends after Isha

Young Muslims Brother

Youth Programs for Brothers (13+) sports, activities and halaqas on various topics led by youth. Events and guest speakers

Fridays @ 6:30 pm

Young Muslim Sisters

Youth Programs for Sisters(13+) activities and halaqas on various topics lead by youth. Events an guest speakres

Fridays @ 6:30 pm

Fajr Club

Come Pray Fajr at Masjid!
Breakfast hosted on the first saturday of every month to encourage all to come to pray Fajr at the masjid

1st Saturday Every Month (fajr salah)

Fajr Halaqas

Halaqas led after Fajr salah on weekends on various topics

Weekends after Fajr

Tafseer Session

Learn About the Qur’an in Depth with our weekly tafseer session led by brother Abdul Ghani

Sundays After Zuhar