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Muslim Center of New York 137-58 Geranium Ave Flushing, NY 11355


Muslim Center of New York is lead by a group of motivated people to help maintain our services and actualize our goals. Current leadership is listed below:

Board of Trustees & Executive Committee Members (As of October 2017)

Board of Trustees:
1. Br. Manzar Karim, Chairman
2. Dr. Khurshid A. Khan
3. Dr. M. Iqbal Shaikh
4. Br. M. T. Sherwani
5. Br. Saleem M. Syed

Br. Benyahya AbdelGhani, Director 

Br. Faisal Akhtar, Office Manager

Executive Committee:
1. Br. Saleem M. Syed, President
2. Br. Syed Adnan Bukhari, Vice President
3. Br. Mansoor A. Sheikh, Secretary
4. Br. Syed Aftab Ibrahimi, Treasurer
5. Br. BahaAldin Atassi
6. Br. Yusuf Buccellato
7. Br. Farook G. Begawala
Executive Committee:(Con.):
8.   Br. Azher Gilani
9.   Br. Tahir Javid
10. Br. Mamnoon A. Marghoob
11. Br. Mohamed A. Saleh
12. Dr. Iqbal M. Shaikh
13. Br. Farrukh Alam Zaidi