Muslim Center of New York

Muslim Center of New York is one the pioneer Islamic institutions in New York City of Islamic gathering and learning. Alhamdulillah (Praise to God), this center has been serving our community since 1975 and Ishallah (if God wills), will continue serving by Allah's and your support until the end of time. Besides our prayer services, our center is actively involved in providing other serivces for our community including youth and children education among others.

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Here you will find the latest videos, lectures and Friday (Jumu'ah) lectures. We record many of these lectures and provide access to anyone via our website and Youtube channel free of charge. Soon, insha'Allah, you will get access to more and more beneficial media. If you missed it, a part of it, or would like to hear the whole lecture, now you can!

We also provide live streaming of many events and lectures via a live webcam feed. A notification above will indicate whenever a live feed is in progress, but you may check manually by visiting the 'Live Stream' page.



  • This masjid is constantly improving as they are building even more facilities to accomodate its growing number of worshipers. The Masjid has a book store and ample parking. ... the Masjid is ideal for those who seek for their children to attain an Islamic education.
  • Nice location next 2 a park. Clean
  • The masjid is huge and constantly expanding. They often host events here. They have a little shop in the masjid where you can buy some things, which is nice. Be careful parking in the parking lot because you might not be able to get out if too many people park there.